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Hanmar knife frame for CRT 1600x600x32, CRT 1860x600x82RG

Knife frames

Knife frames

Parts list:

  1. Frame body
  2. Knife clamping plate
  3. Shear bar
    • a. Shear bar pin
    • b. Standard nut M8, A4
    • c. Square curved washer Ø8, a4
  4. Shear bar slat
  5. Lateral curved right block
  6. Lateral curved left block
  7. Locking mechanism sleeve
  8. Locking mechanism spring
  9. Locking mechanism pin
  10. Spring pin Ø4 x 30
  11. Angle hitch
  12. Screw M10x40 for attaching knives M10 x 40
    • a. High nut M10 x 12, S17
    • b. Washer Ø10
    • c. Spring Ø9 x 6
  13. Screw with countersunk head M8 x 16, A4

The knife frames in the above-mentioned types of slicers have the same spare parts; they differ only in size and the quantity of frames in a slicer.

When placing an order, please specify the type of frame and numbers of spare parts according to the list in the picture.

Hanmar knife frame for CRT 1600x600x32 CRT 1860x600x82RG

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