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Serwis Hanmar

We perform renovations of drum and disc slicers.

All works are carried out by Hanmar experienced employees, and this guarantees top quality of the performed works along with compliance with both the national and European standards. Actions and knowledge of our staff guarantee reliability of the renovated machinery, and thus the satisfaction of our customers.

A renovation may include:

  • renovation and replacement of all mechanic parts and components,
  • renovation and replacement of hydraulic parts and components,
  • renovation or replacement of drive and control system with a new model with higher parameters,
  • renovation of the electric system.

Hanmar - remonty maszyn

Serwis Hanmar

Hanmar is a leader in renovation and maintenance of machinery used in the sugar industry.

Our experienced team can cope with any malfunction, allowing our customers to expect what follows:
  • professional staff knowing the industry,
  • a maintenance team carefully selected to suit the malfunction,
  • quick response to our customers’ problems.

The scope of machinery maintenance includes first of all:

  • mechanical service,
  • control electronics service,
  • machine drives service,
  • power supply systems service,
  • etc.
Renovations and Service | Hanmar - Manufacturer of beet knives

We guarantee the quality of our works and compliance with national and European standards.