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We provide a wide range of services for the sugar industry.

What does Hanmar do:

  • production of beet knives,
  • production of complete knife frames for drum and disc slicers,
  • production of all spare parts for drum and disc slicers,
  • renovations of drum and disc slicers

Monika Becker

Hanmar started its operations in 1998.

Interests and passions of its founder, Mariusz Becker, soon led to the extension of the company’s services by professional machining of metals. This was the time when the enterprise developed very dynamically, giving a beginning for other changes - namely the services for the sugar industry.

Our operations are based on a tradition of a family business

- this is what makes us special and outstanding. After Mariusz Becker, the founder of the company, died, the vision for development of the company has been carried on by his daughter, Monika Becker, trying to follow the established paths and cultivate the values passed on by her father, so necessary in contacts with employees and customers.

Mariusz Becker

Thanks to our professional and experienced staff

we could face our customers’ expectations. We have been constantly working over development of our company, paying particular attention to the quality of services we provide. Each order is a new challenge for us, and we approach each customer individually. Our activities resulted in close cooperation with customers around the world, among others Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and China.


Hanmar Team

Our Team


Izabela Tłok

Customer service office

+48 530 658 221


Aneta Szóstek

Finacial Director

+48 534 589 296


Tomasz Jankowski

Technical Director

+48 601 547 801


Marek Wadowski

IT Director

+48 516 060 515


Adam Kaczmarek

General Export Manager

+48 531 434 535


Łukasz Tarka

Production Coordinator

+48 669 098 570

Our operations are based on a tradition of a family business