Hanmar deals with:

  • manufacturing of beet knives,
  • manufacturing of complete knife frames for drum and disc slicers,
  • manufacturing of spare parts for knife frames,
  • renovating drum and disc slicers,
  • repairs of equipment for knives regeneration.

Our operations are based on a tradition of a family business

- this is what makes us special and outstanding. After Mariusz Becker, the founder of the company, died, the vision for development of the company has been carried on by his daughter, Monika Becker, trying to follow the established paths and cultivate the values passed on by her father, so necessary in contacts with employees and customers.

Experienced team

All works are carried out by Hanmar experienced employees, and this guarantees top quality of the provided services along with compliance with both the national and European standards. Actions and knowledge of our staff guarantee reliability of our products and renovated machinery, and thus the satisfaction of our customers.

We provide a wide range of services, mainly for the sugar industry.

We specialize in renovations of drum and disc slicers and machinery for sharpening and regeneration of beet knives.

Kombajn do buraków cukrowych

We are looking forwards to doing business with you.

Hanmar - Manufacturer of beet knives

We provide a wide range of services, mainly for the sugar industry